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Dinatrum would like to mention that Novofuel’s Patent to produce Hydrogen is in Good Standing

Montreal – Dinatrum/Alumifuel Power Corporation (“Dinatrum” or the “Company”) (OTC Markets: AFPW) September 10, 2019, Mr. Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO would like to mention that U.S. Patent No. 8,974,765 is currently valid and was granted to Novofuel, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, by the Department of United States Patents and Trademark Office under the following title:


Methods and apparatus for controlled production of hydrogen using aluminum-based watersplit reactions


It’s important to mention that under the current market production of Hydrogen has taken a very interesting turn since Europe is shifting its attention to increase the use of this element as a source of Environmentally friendly source of Energy. We will address this matter as the situation evolves as various Companies and Scientists have approached us to utilize this important and valuable source of Energy.

Just as a reminder that the Solar System receives light from a very large source of Hydrogen, the Sun, which burns Hydrogen as Thermonuclear Explosions that practically fuel the Earth’s Ecosystem with its light.


Feel free to view this NASA video on YouTube that visually explains the power of the sun:

Also please read the following information on NASA Website regarding the Sun as a never-ending source of Energy.

NASA uses Hydrogen as Rocket Fuel as mentioned in this interesting article. It fuels it Main Engines, it is the lightest element and it exists as a gas.

Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles are starting to be utilized, and it is not far-fetched to mention that even Rocket Fuel, used in Nuclear Thermal Rockets, using Liquid Hydrogen could feed the Engines of a modern spaceship.





The Company’s name change, and new trading symbol will be effective in the over-the-counter markets when FINRA has completed its review of the Company’s application for the name change.


DINATRUM is a Real Estate Investment Trust with projects within North America.


On behalf of the Board,



Pedro Villagran-Garcia,

President & CEO



For further information, please contact the company at 1-514-432-7746 or by email at

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