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Dinatrum Announces That It Has Signed an LOI – A More Formal Agreement Follows

MONTREAL, June 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Alumifuel Power Corporation/Dinatrum the “Company” (OTC MARKETS: AFPW) announced on July 31, 2018 that it appointed Pedro Villagran-Garcia, as its new President-CEO and sole Director. Alumifuel Power Corporation -Dinatrum- also communicated to its shareholders and the public that it has signed a Letter of Intent on October 20, 2018 with Pedro Villagran Ochoa, Chairman of the Board for Bahia Finisterra, S.A. de C.V.

Bahia Finisterra, S.A. de C.V. holds substantial land reserves and properties on various pristine beaches within the Republic of Mexico. The company did make clear the fact that this strategic acquisition will provide us the necessary leverage to increase our sources of revenue in order to enhance shareholder value.

The company will soon prepare a Pod Cast interview between the parties signing the LOI and will further announce that they will be developing the Las Perlas Project in the short future. A summary of the LOI is presented within this link

Canadian based Stantec prepared the Company’s Master Plan Stock Symbol STN:NYSE/TSE as shown in the following Link

Activities will start immediately as specified within the signed document which we are hereby summarizing. Said activities are


2-Installation of Public Utilities and

3-Building of a Club House within the 100 lots.

The Neighborhood Design is Shown within the following Link

The Company will receive 50 of the 100 lots of the “Las Perlas” Residential Development after certain milestones are met within the 18.15 acres to develop. The size of these lots’ ranges from 5,500-6,500 sq. ft. each. located in Rocky Point

More details of the transaction will be provided as we advance in our website and in social media. We will provide Proforma Financial Statements to be able to demonstrate that the value of this transaction is of real merit and value for our shareholders.

As of now signing of this LOI provides assurance to our shareholders that the company will build a solid balance sheet as this is considered a direct investment on behalf of Bahia Finisterra S.A. de C.V.

We repeat the fact that the Company plans to publish a Pod Cast Interview with Pedro Villagran Ochoa, Chairman of Bahia Finisterra and the Company CEO describing details and progress as a More Formal Agreement will be signed.

Bahia Finisterra S.A. de C.V. received 300,000,000 restricted common stock of the Company on signing of the LOI.

We have specialized International Contractors to execute specific tasks. The company will strictly abide to Environmental Regulations. World renowned Real Estate Agents with offices in Rocky Point, Mexico are Remax, Coldwell Banker, Realty Executives and Century 21.

Pre-Sales of lots will soon start as the developed lots will represent a solid investment for real estate investors. Several investors did request the Issuance of Preferred Shares to address the Dilution Factor.

Other acquisitions are being negotiated; the Real Estate Industry is very solid in various important cities. We will continue to inform the Public of subsequent finalized transactions as we proceed.

DINATRUM is a Real Estate Investment Trust with projects within North America.

On behalf of the Board,

Pedro Villagran-Garcia,
President & CEO

For further information, please contact the company at 1-514-432-7746 or by email at

Forward Looking Statements
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